Organizations We Support

At Solvix, we are firm believers that supportive and connected communities are stronger.

We are proud to support local organizations, and are always seeking out organizations that share our same values and dedication in order to make our South Jersey community stronger.

Operation Yellow Ribbon

Operation Yellow Ribbon

Solvix is a proud supporter of Operation Yellow Ribbon.

Operation Yellow Ribbon is a non-profit organization in New Jersey. It is made up of volunteers who, in an effort to aid the United States Military Forces, provide support to troops in the Middle East.

Its efforts include collecting donations for military in the Middle East and those supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve. Operation Yellow Ribbon also partners with patriotic organizations such as Warriors Watch Ricers to coordinates welcome-home events for local veterans in the South Jersey area.  

Other Organizations

We are always excited to show support for local organizations.

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