Device as a Subscription

The solution to inefficient technology operations.

What is Device as a Subscription (DaaS)

Device as a Subscription (DaaS) is a program that allows end users to acquire technology hardware, software and services with just one monthly payment. All business industries rely on their desktop and infrastructure to operate efficiently on a daily basis, and with DaaS, Solvix can provide your team with the solutions they need at a more cost effective rate with flexibility.

In short, the program combines asset procurement and daily management into one expense. This way, customers save both time and money, allowing reallocation of capital. DaaS delivers more clarity for accounting, and easier forecasting of future expenses.

Why DaaS:

  • Move all technology hardware and services from CapEx to OpEx
  • More affordable. No up-front costs.  Only small monthly payments
  • Much more flexible terms to End User; custom built solutions/services
  • Refresh technology products after 3 years

Acquire all of your tech with one low monthly payment.

Flexible For Your Business Needs:

Staging: DaaS allows for expansion and contraction in technology needs

DaaS by Solvix provides a way for businesses to acquire and scale technology more easily. Prevent shrink and eliminate the scenario where you have pallets of unusable technology collecting dust. Or, easily add devices as you need to within a set cost. Simplify budgeting, logistics, and save on costs.

Easy Accounting

No need to track acquisition dates, warranty dates, refresh dates, tax depreciation, etc. DaaS by Solvix rolls everything into one monthly technology subscription.

CapEx vs OpEx

Capital ExpenseOperational Expense
Used to purchase major physical goods (e.g. real estate, vehicles, computer hardware).Used for ongoing costs to run an organization (salary, benefits, utilities, etc).
Usually requires complex acquisition process with bidding/approval and hearings.Smaller and more simple acquisition/approval process. Can often be approved by department head.
Relatively few capital expenses can be made each year due to their size and complexity.Usually a larger portion of the budget with more flexibility.
Tax depreciated over useful life (not immediately deductible as an expense)Expenses are 100% tax deductible in the year the money is spent.

With DaaS by Solvix, you can move your computer technology expenses from capital to operational!


What devices can be procured under DaaS?

Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, and Body-Cameras are all available options with a DaaS program.

What happens to pricing when my business needs change?

Unlike per-device pricing, DaaS allows for operational flexibility by offering fixed monthly costs; this allows for both asset acquisitions and asset returns while offering predictable spending.

What effect will Daas have on my monthly costs?

Devices and services become one invoice item, allowing for more clarity when looking at monthly paperwork, and easier budgeting when looking at cost of employees.

Is DaaS similar to traditional IT costs?

Yes. In the same way that software and storage are typically operational expenses, with Daas, hardware can now also be expensed based on usage of the products rather than ownership of the products.

How long does DaaS last?

Either a 24 or 36 month term. Payments are either monthly or quarterly. At the end of the term, the end users can refresh, continue month to month, or withdraw.

Are there other requirements or benefits?

Each device must be covered by a warranty for the entire duration of DaaS. The contract is scalable down 20% or upwards with no limit (Co-terminus). Devices can be customized and soft costs can be rolled in.

Is there a buyout when the DaaS subscription ends?

No. Buyouts are prohibited to be compliant with FASB standards and be a true subscription. This makes a DaaS deal OpEx rather than CapEx. (Different from a lease).

Why should I use Solvix’s Daas?

Solvix offers the high quality user support. Offering the best possible technology products as well as pricing options, Solvix continues to be a cut above the rest.