Heart, Health Improvements

Better Posture

Leg & Core Strength

Better Mood

Decrease Neck & Back Pain

More Alert

Customize your workspace

Re-energize your team

Staying focused in the office environment is a job typically delegated to coffee. At Solvix, we aren’t satisfied with that solution. Active minds create better results, and we’re dedicated to bringing those results to your workspace.

Ergonomic products allow busy professionals to stay alert and concentrated through the rigour of a workday. Traditional offices create stagnation and boredom from long hours spent slumped over your workspace. With ergonomic products, Solvix provides businesses with a quick and simple solution to improve office morale, effectiveness, and productivity.

Solvix is a proud supplier of sit-to-stand desks and the best ergonomic office products for forward thinking businesses. Our partnerships with manufacturers including Versa Products, Innovative Workspaces, Ergotech, and many others allow us to provide special benefits to our clients.

Get Up Off That Thing!

It’s time to relieve that pressure. With the push of a button, Solvix ergonomic customers can transform traditional offices into highly-productive work environments. Boost employee morale and retention.