VersaDesk Standing Desk


Need to Mount a Monitor or Several Monitors?
Each converter will come with standard 2″ grommet holes. Multiple Monitor setups are possible with the Power Pro Corner standing desk by adding an optional monitor mount. The 3 grommet holes are for giving you, the customer freedom on the placement of your monitor. While also providing customized cable management for phone/mouse/keyboard. Not necessarily meant to hold three monitor with each grommet hole. Monitors with a clamping device will not work with the Power Pro Corner desk riser design.

Lift up to 80 Pounds of Office Equipment
Our electric desk motors are powerful! They have been sourced to be of high quality so that the desk can lift your monitors and practically anything you place on the surface.

Elevate up to 20″ with the Push of a Button
Why strain your neck and back so you can adjust your standup desk? The VersaDesk corner standing desk has a button on the top that you can press. We made it easy for you so that you don’t have to work any harder than you already do.

Would you like a CTO or a custom configuration?

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With VersaDesk, you can get the original electric standing desk that is also BIFMA rated and patent pending. This electric powered adjustable sit stand desk converter is offered to you at a competitive cost. A push of a button is all you need to easily go from sitting to standing! With the VersaDesk Standing Desk, you will receive a quality product and a peace of mind knowing your purchase wasn’t outsourced since it was designed and assembled in our Los Angeles facility. You also don’t need to worry about increasing your electric bill, this electric sit stand desk converter only needs 40 cents a year to run! So what are you waiting for? Stand up for your health at the push of a button!

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